Empowering Innovation

The Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems (CRHTS) is developing breakthrough remote health technologies, algorithms and health analytics as well as using advanced systems engineering to solve the global health grand challenges and enable healthy living. These powerful advances are not only helping to answer the critical needs of patients and providers, they are shifting the healthcare landscape from disease management to disease prevention.

IMG_4616Leveraging the expertise of authorities from a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, computer science, kinesiology, medicine, animal health and public health, the center provides a full-service approach to allow its partners to accelerate achievement of their goals by robustly navigating the challenging global health landscape. Specifically, for its industry partners the center uses a comprehensive validation process aimed at ensuring product performance and effectiveness of health care devices and systems so that these products enter the marketplace with a competitive edge.


Researchers at the center are not only developing innovative remote health systems but also engaging state and federal and regulatory agencies, the medical community, and industry in an effort to further the design, development, testing and deployment of those systems.

The center’s capabilities include:

  • Conducting innovative research and developing biomedical devices such as health-monitoring instruments, mobile platform devices, and wearables for health and fitness
  • Performing bench-to-bedside advanced validation
  • Developing next-generation global medical learning systems based on systems thinking approaches
  • Providing guidance and expertise to navigate the medical-regulated environment
  • Engaging medical communities in design, development, testing and deployment in the United States and abroad